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Advanced Telemetrics 1000S Digital Tank Gauge has been proven effective in a wide range of liquid level applications and some in the most challenging environments.  Coupled with a Class 1, Division 1 rating, and a discrete high-level shutdown option makes the 1000S Digital tank gauge the most reliable multi-level measurement device on the market today.

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Electrical Specifications

•    Power requirements: 9 - 14 VDC, 24MA current draw

•    Temperature range: operating: -40 °C to 85 °C

•    Communications standards: RS485 ASCII, MODBUS ASCII & RTU

•    An Auto-baud feature for detecting the polling baud from controller.

Sensing Specifications

•    Temperature readings are available at the top, middle, and bottom of fluid column in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin for average fluid column readings.

•    Level accuracy: 0.10” to ±0.05” over entire range

•    Level resolution: 0.001” over entire range

•    Temperature accuracy: ±0.10 °f

•    Temperature sensors: temperature sensors placed every 18”

Packaging Specifications

•    Enclosure material: machined billet aluminum

•    Enclosure seal: viton o rings

•    Sensor outer packaging: 316l stainless

•    Sensor diameter: seamless tube 0.75” od

Float Specifications

•    Float material: nitrophyl

•    Number of floats: 2 floats for multiple fluid density (oil/water)

•    Float diameter: 3.85” nitryphyl

•    Float length: 6.00” nitrophyl

Interface Software

•    Direct interface is possible through any rs485 terminal communications program

Integration Capability

•    Supports industry instrumentation comm. Standards (eia485, rs422, rs232)

•    Custom reengineering available

•    Advanced surge protection

•    Capabilities may include static fluid leak detection, temperature averaging, and data-logging

Sensing Specifications

•    UL 1203 Class 1, Division 1, Groups C and D

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