View 1000 tank level monitoring system

View 1000 Tank Level Monitoring System

The View 1000 from Advanced Telemetrics is a tank level monitoring system designed to make production workflows safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. The View 1000 is engineered to be versatile from the ground up, with easy installation and flexible power supply options. The View 1000 LED display provides current information like tank inventory levels and product temperature. Inventory details can be monitored from the View 1000 panel, eliminating the hazardous practice of manually climbing tanks to gauge inventory levels.

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tank float liquid level measurement device

Automatic Tank Gauges

Advanced Telemetrics produces the most accurate, robust, and reliable multi-function liquid measurement system on the market. Commonly referred to as automatic tank gauges, float measuring devices, liquid level sensors, or level measurement devices, these mechanisms are capable of measuring different liquid levels in a container with an accuracy of 0.10 inch. Starting with an elegant core design, our tank float can be configured as a single, dual or triple float measurement system. 

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custom ul electrical control panel

Custom UL Electrical Control Panels

Advanced Telemetrics engineers and manufactures custom UL electrical control panels to suit your specific needs. We will work with you to develop optimized control panel layouts and wiring schemes. We can provide meticulous design and fabrication services, or fabricate UL industrial panels to your specifications using high quality UL standard components. Our UL-compliant enclosures can be built to either 508A (non-hazardous area) or 698A (hazardous area) standards.

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magnacable mineral insulated cable

Magnacable Mineral Insulated Cables

Flexible yet secure, Magnacables are becoming the new standard of wiring in hazardous locations. With the use of Magnacable Mineral Insulated Cable, you not only eliminate the safety concerns of conduit and wire installations, but also eliminate the cost of additional material. Examples of this are the elimination of having to use pull boxes, unions, grounding wires, conduit seals, and other fittings. Magnacables are pressure tested to 2000 PSI and offer superior performance by blocking the passage of gases, vapors, liquids and flames.

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