Automatic Tank Gauges

Advanced Telemetrics manufactures the most accurate, robust and reliable multi-function automatic tank gauges on the market today. Our digital tank gauge has been proven in a wide range of severe environment, remote industrial applications. Commonly referred to as automatic tank gauge, float measuring device, magnetostrictive level transmitter, liquid level sensor or level measurement devices these mechanisms are capable of measuring different liquid levels in a container to an accuracy of 0.10 inch. Starting with an elegant core design our tank float can be configured as a single, dual or triple float measurement system. The tank gauges are available in wired or wireless configurations; our hard wired tank gauges are Class I, Division 1 rated and UL listed. Reliability is backed by our exclusive four year limited warranty, which is assured through the use of all solid state electronic components that directly measure actual fluid levels.

automatic tank gauge graphic

Our automatic tank gauges are in use by a number of industries for several applications:

Oil & Gas Production

  • Oil and water production levels
  • Ideal for H2S and benzene gauging
  • High level and overfill alarms and shut-offs
  • Monitoring of oil custody transfer and saltwater hauling
  • RTU/SCADA remote lease automation


  • Refined product level, temperature and net volume
  • Pressurized LP tanks
  • Waste tanks and separators
  • Tank farm automation

Chemical & Industrial Production

  • Pressurized tank levels
  • Aggressive chemicals
  • High and low temperatures
  • Sterile process measurements
  • Chemical resistant wetted parts

Propane & Butane Production

  • RS 485 and MODBUS
  • No calibration or analog drift. Easy to install and replace tank gauge electronics
  • Tubing certified 316L 0.065 wall rated A249 (ASTM A249 boiler rating ASME SA 249 boiler code)

Retail & Airport Fueling Stations

  • EPA Regulatory Compliance as Automatic Tank Gauge for monthly monitoring and leak detection on tanks up to 30,000 gallons
  • Above ground bulk storage tanks
  • Waste oil tanks

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Automatic Tank Gauge Product Specifications

Typical Communication

  • Wired or wireless
  • RS 485 standard (direct interface possible through any RS485 terminal communication program)
  • MODBUS standard

Integration Capability

  • Supports industry instrumentation communication standards (EIA485,RS422, RS232)
  • Custom re-engineering available
  • Advanced surge protection
  • Satellite
  • Capabilities may include static fluid leak detection, temperature averaging, and data logging

Performance of Gauge

  • Microprocessor controlled standalone tank gauge
  • Level measurement to 0.10 inch
  • Temperature measurement to ±0.10°F
  • Power rating 9-14 VDC, 200mA
  • Division I, Class 1 rated
  • UL Tested at -25°C to 85°C
  • MODBUS Standard
  • SS316L Standard,
  • Easy Installation
  • On-site display and control options
  • Patents pending
  • Four year limited warranty